Corporate profile

Company Name Pacific World Co.,Ltd(PWC)
Head Office LYON-Edobori Bldg. 6F,25-31 Edobori 1-chome,Nishi-ku,Osaka
550-0002 JAPAN
TEL:+81-6(6225)2705 FAX:+81-6(6225)2707
President Katsuji Fukuda
Director Gou Takeda(Sapporo chuo suisan Co.,Ltd Sinior Managing Excutive Officer)
Tohru Kitai(Sapporo chuo suisan Co.,Ltd Executive officer)
Auditor Shigeki Nakamura(Sapporo chuo suisan Co.,Ltd Executive Managing Director)
Capital Stock 30,000,000 yen
Employees Domestic / Three employees
Overseas / Three employees
Main Business Food import and export wholesale
Established September 9, 2008
Overseas Office India / Visakhapatnam Office
Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh Office
Banks The Hokkaido Bank limited.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Osaka Branch
The Kinki Osaka Bank, Ltd. Honmachi main office
MUFJ Bank, Ltd.
Item India Black tiger shrimp、Flower shrimp、White shrimp、Vannamei shrimp、Peeled shrimp、Squid、Shellfish
Vietnam Black tiger shrimp、Vannamei shrimp、Peeled shrimp、Squid、Octopus、Sand borer
Indonesia Black tiger shrimp、White shrimp、Flower shrimp、Vannamei shrimp、Peeled shrimp
Thailand、Malaysia Vannamei shrimp
America California squid、Sockeye salmon、Black cod、Sardine
Chile Coho、Trout、Atlantic salmon



  • India、
  • Vietnam、
  • Indonesia、
  • Thailand、
  • Malaysia、
  • America、
  • Chile


  • Sapporo chuo suisan Co.,Ltd、
  • Uoichi Co.,Ltd.、
  • HOHSUI Co.,Ltd、
  • Goshoku Co., Ltd、
  • PULPO Co.,Ltd

About Us

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As a company specializing in import and export of fisheries, we have local staffs in India and Vietnam for on-the-spot thorough quality control.

Our local and overseas employees respond to every situation utilizing their great in-depth knowledge and experience in the fishery business, which would not be available from big companies.

We mainly import our primary product, shrimps, from India and Vietnam, and also from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Our expanded range of products, such as squids, octopuses and shellfishes, are imported from the aforementioned countries for providing fisheries of Southeast Asia with respect to the needs of Japanese customers.

We also put a great deal of effort in importing squids from USA, and salmons and trouts from Chile in addition to importing seafood products from Southeast Asia.

The company has professional stuff, their excellent professionalism and their ability to cater to the customers’ needs in prompt manner have strengthened our competitiveness. We are confident that our customers will be satisfied with our service.

About Pacific World